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Kam creative design is a creation that perfectly represents what is the handicraft philosophy of 2.0 Calleadesign. More than 45 million possible combinations

You can create the color scheme that best suits your taste and context where you want to insert the wall clock. Our Trieste laboratory will create only for you this object design, starting from the shaping, the coating of each individual component, assembly and packaging.

Considering the fact that statistically speaking, in the opinion of the astronomer Alan Harris is more likely to be affected in the street by an asteroid, rather than two people choose the exact same color scheme, then we decided to write the customer's name on the reverse in to certify the uniqueness of his choice.

The Kam hands are made of metal and are designed to be elegant and sober since they do not even have the classic screw. They are also designed to be coplanar with the reference quadrant. This is a detail that makes it more valuable.

Kam is equipped with a German-made mechanism of the reinforced type in order to ensure the highest reliability of the mechanics. The mechanism is silent and is powered with a AA battery. Inside the box there is a Varta alkaline battery, in addition to the screw and the dowel to perform the clock installation. The clock is accompanied by a 2 year warranty.

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Kam creative design, wall clock

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Estimated delivery date 3 Feb 2022
Product code: 10-022
Kam creative design is the wall clock that allows your creativity to express.
Use the selection menus and matches the colors as you wish.
The version you choose will be made by our lab for you.
You will have one chance in 45.435.424 someone else choose your own graphics. For this reason, your clock will have your name on the back in order to certify the uniqueness of that creation.
dimensions 36 x 36 cm
mechanism Wall clock
Power AA battery included
Hands hour and minute, in metal
Time format 12 ore
Installation with plug included
Material wood fibre

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The gift wrapping option includes:

  • - the item purchased will be gift wrapped by CalleaDesign
  • - inclusion in the package of a card with a message you can write in the appropriate space.

Upon completion of the order you can decide whether to receive it yourself or send it directly to the recipient.
In order to avoid unpleasant situations if this option is choosen, instead of including the receipt or invoice in the package we will send a copy by email to the person who made the order.



With this option you can change the colours of the item by replacing them with the colours in the COLORLAB chart
The choice includes 35 colours, excluding the 3 woods.

How to proceed:

- Example: I like the Giotto clock but I would like it in fuchsia from the COLORLAB chart.
Given that the Giotto clock is only one colour, choose the option "one colour" from our chart.
A calculation will be made of the cost for one colour and a window will open in which you insert the code and name of the colour you want, which in this case will be 72-fucsia


- Example: Choose the option "three colours" from our chart and insert 1-white, 41-powder blue, 44-mid blue in the window. This model, as with all the clocks (except the modular models), does not have a choice of colour for the hands in that they will be made to match the colours you choose. However, if you would like the hands in black or aluminium just add this in the window by typing, for example, aluminium hands.



With this option you can change the colours of the item by replacing them with the colours either in the RAL CLASSIC RAL DESIGN chart or in the NCS chart, where with the NCS navigator you select the exact colour you're looking for among the 1,950 available.

How to proceed:

Proceed in the same way as above, except after clicking on colour upon request choose one to four colours from either the RAL or the NCS chart. Then the dialogue box will open where you insert the colour codes chosen, describing how you want them to be used.