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CalleaDesign Social

The boards Calleadesign on Pinterest

Le Our ideas, forms, colors and objects from which we draw inspiration. What we like, what we are capable of achieving and what we would have thought us! All clumped simple image folders. Try to have a look, maybe the inspiration will come to you as well.


CalleaDesign on Twitter

Our voice on the web. Follow us and you will be notified of all our news. You can use it as a channel of communication for requests faster and faster.


Our Facebook page

The place to interact with you. Here we present the news, we explain the most complex products and receive questions or requests of our customers. Any question you want to do, or a feedback or a warning, this is the place to get them. We need your opinion!


CalleaDesign on Instagram

Instagram is the instrument through which we will enter our laboratory. Stolen shots from our daily work.


CalleaDesign's channel

Our video channel for you to see how we perform some work, or to better understand how to perform certain operations. For example, installing a clock fitted to the wall so fast and accurate seems something reserved only for advanced users. In this channel, you'll see that it does not. There are also some issues playlist. One of these, which we are very fond of, is linked to the land where we were born and from which we draw constant inspiration and energy. Been to the northeast and in particular Trieste? If you want to get an idea or refresh old memories watched our playlist !


CalleaDesign on Google+

Our showcase on Google where we present all the news of our laboratory. The output of new creations and new services are largely treated on page Calleadesign of this platform on Google.


The newsletter CalleaDesign

Join the club of our most loyal customers. You will receive our newsletter with promotions, discounts and offers available only to you. To subscribe please enter your email address in the box in the lower left corner flag post the privacy and confirmation. From this moment you will have a preferential channel with our workshop.