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If you are tripping over jackets and scarves when you enter your home, or if every time you hang up your coat you turn around and find it immediately on the floor, then perhaps you need to review the organisation of your entrance hall. A beautiful wall-mounted coat rack or a functional set of hooks can be the solution to reorganising the entrance, keeping the floor free and providing a cleaner, tidier look to the house.

The bathroom is a room that tends to be limited in size. Here too, organising where to hang pyjamas, clothes and towels could help rationalise and bring more order to the daily routine. It might be useful to have a shelf above the clothes hooks so that you can store clean towels rather than deodorant or decorative items.

On this page we present a wide selection of wall coat hooks by CalleaDesign made of quality materials and excellent value for money. All hangers are designed by our designers who focused on the originality of the furnishing without ever compromising on functionality. The hooks are made of metal and have been carefully chosen with these criteria in mind. Some of the knobs, such as the cylindrical ones, were designed in-house after multiple tests to verify their robustness, practicality and capacity.

These products are made entirely in Italy by our master craftsmen who take care of all aspects of craftsmanship. This allows us to have an excellent quality and the possibility to follow customers in potential modifications and customisation of the product.

Some models mount the cylindrical knobs on fixed structures such as the Francine wall-mounted wooden coat rack while others have modular structures that adapt to the space available such as the Rossini coat rack.

Other wall-mounted coat-stand models such as the Stripes 80 or the Cat collection coat-hanger have an even larger knob with a service hook.

If you think you are deserving of a unique solution to keep your bedroom or hallway tidy, don't miss the opportunity to have fun with the Petsy wall-mounted coat rack. With its configurator you have the possibility to create your own personal colour combination from the millions available and you will be able to say that you have a coat rack just like you... unique!

If you want advice, have a question or need to change a product, please do not hesitate to write to our customer service at We will do everything we can to solve your problem... just ask!


The most obvious location for a wall-mounted coat rack is the entrance hall, since taking off and hanging up your jacket is the first gesture we make after opening the front door.

One of the first selection criteria is the sturdiness of the structure. If we want to hang a heavy coat, we have to be sure that the structure can withstand the weight and that the knob can hold the garment. The strength is given by two factors; the first is the goodness of the anchorage on the wall and the second is the shaping of the knob at its end to hold the garment. The depth of the knob, to be effective, should be at least 5 centimetres.

A second fundamental criterion is size. There are coat racks that have a fixed size that must fit the space we have, such as the MyHome coat rack, otherwise we can turn our attention to modular coat racks. These models do not occupy a predetermined space but we decide whether to place the knobs closer together or further apart depending on the portion of the wall we need to fill. Some of these models are also scalable in the number of knobs.

The third criterion is precisely the number of knobs we need. A good rule of thumb at the entrance is to have at least two more than the number of members of the household.

A further criterion is colour because the coat rack must coordinate with the other furniture. CalleaDesign offers many possible colour variations and customisation for a better fit.

Should you have a question or need to change a product, a size or a colour, please do not hesitate to write to us at and we will do our utmost to solve your need.


The hangers arrive packaged in a sturdy cardboard box suitable for maximum protection of the contents during transport.

Inside the box are all the accessories that may be needed to assemble the coat rack correctly. There are the knobs, screws, dowels, protective washers, instructions and any mounting templates as for the large Farfalla hanger. This will make installation as easy and precise as in the photos.

Any decorative templates such as the small butterflies in the Million Butterfly are attached directly to the wall with a very strong double-sided adhesive tape. In case you want to remove them and reposition them somewhere else, you have to go between the template and the wall with a nylon thread to cut the double-sided tape.

The cylindrically shaped knobs are very robust, with a depth of almost 6 cm and a diameter at the end of 3 cm. This makes them particularly effective even with thicker and heavier garments. Each knob requires a hole in the wall.

The knob screws onto a threaded rod which, once passed through the through-hole of the template, screws itself into the dowel we have placed in the hole in the wall. The direct attachment of the knob to the wall makes its installation secure and oversized in relation to the weight it will have to bear.

We are sometimes asked whether it is possible to fix these hangers not with dowels but only with double-sided adhesive tape on the walls concealing the Scrigno. Unfortunately, the solid and deep structure of the knob is a limitation in this case, because the hanger would fall down after a short time.

The package includes certificates proving the originality, provenance and guarantee of the product.



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