The asymmetrical design of the AsYm wall clock gives the product a unique and dynamic character. This design choice breaks with the traditional appearance of symmetrical wall clocks and attracts attention in a bold way. Its asymmetry creates a sense of movement and originality that can arouse people's curiosity.

Orologio da parete AsYm di CalleaDesign - verde salvia

The key to achieving balance in an asymmetrical design is the combination of different graphic elements. These elements can include variations in the shape, size, position and orientation of the clock components. The use of colours can also be crucial in creating harmony in the design. Careful use of colours can tie asymmetrical elements together and make them appear cohesive.

An interesting aspect of this watch is the reading of the hours. The non-obviousness of the reading can be an intriguing design element. Instead of using traditional numbers or lines to indicate the hours, this watch uses carvings on the dial. This requires a closer look on the part of the observer, but once understood, it provides an extremely accurate reading of the time. This design choice can add a touch of challenge and mystery to the watch, making it a focal point in an environment.

Overall, the asymmetrical design and the creative approach to reading the hours give the AsYm wall clock a unique and fascinating personality that can capture the imagination of those who see it.

With the AsYmm model, CalleaDesign adds two new shades to its colour chart: teal and sage green.

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