The uniqueness of a truly special gift comes from its provenance, from someone who creates it with affection with you in mind. For this reason, we have introduced the possibility of enriching our products with dedications engraved directly onto the item. Since we often receive questions on how this service can be done, we have taken the initiative to dedicate an article in our magazine to explore this option in detail.

Overview: this is an optional service that includes laser engraving of a personalised phrase on the artefact. The result is extremely discreet and elegant, making our product an ideal option for celebrating special occasions or expressing gratitude to someone.

Positioning: the engraving is done on the dial, but on request it can also be done on the back to make the object unique, while keeping the engraving more discreet. The positioning follows an artistic criterion, in fact very often the phrase is positioned asymmetrically, following the edges and lines of the dial. The allocation is decided by the workshop graphic designer, based on the shape of the model and the length of the phrase.

Visibility and colours: the laser engraving is a dark brown, almost black, burn. This makes it more visible on light-coloured finishes: white, aluminium, linen, rather than on dark colours or wood with a lot of grain. This is another characteristic that determines the positioning of the engraving.

Length and size: we recommend phrases with fewer than forty characters. This allows the engraving to be positioned artistically without making it graphically heavy. A 40-character sentence is approximately 12 cm long, upper case letters are 9 mm high and lower case letters are 5 mm high.

Design and style: the font we use by default is cursive Liberty.

Costs and price options: the cost of this additional service is nine euros.

Production times: engraving a dedication does not affect the standard order dispatch times. Should you have any urgency or special requirements, we advise you to communicate them to us in the notes field during the order process or to contact us by phone after placing the order. We will do our best to fulfil your requests and ensure that your customised product is delivered on time.

Ordering procedures: each product has the possibility to activate this option. On the product page there is a section called Customisation. Simply enter a fleg on the "Engrave a dedication" box. This opens a text field in which to enter the dedication.

Return policy and guarantee: Article 59(c) of the Consumer Code states that the right of withdrawal does not apply in cases where the goods sold have been customised or made to measure according to the end customer's specific choices. 

It is important to note that this rule concerns the right of withdrawal, which is different from the guarantee. The right of withdrawal is the consumer's right to return a purchased product within a certain period of time without specifying a reason, whereas the guarantee covers manufacturing defects or quality problems with the product. Although the right of withdrawal does not apply in cases of customised products, the guarantee can still be applied to cover defects or quality problems with the product.

Customer service: customer service is always available to answer any queries or to generate drafts. The telephone number is +39 040 0646810 or info@calleadesign.com.

We hope this article proves useful and are always open to additions and updates based on your new questions and needs.

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