The entrance to a home is the calling card, the first taste of what to expect inside. It is a space where style and functionality must dance in harmony to create a welcome that leaves a lasting impression. Often overlooked, the entrance hall can be transformed into a stage of elegance and practicality when the furnishings are carefully coordinated. It is not just a matter of choosing individual pieces of furniture, but of orchestrating an ensemble that reflects your personal style and offers a practical solution for everyday needs.

CalleaDesign's new Bollicine collection embraces this concept, presenting a series of furnishing accessories that not only complement each other, but also transform the entrance into a functional and welcoming space. We discover the importance of coordinating every detail to create an entrance that speaks of you and welcomes you with elegance.

The light and sparkling texture, inspired by bubbles, becomes the distinctive signature of the brand new Bollicine collection by CalleaDesign. From the entrance console to the entrance mirror, from the umbrella stand to the wall clock and coat stand, each element blends into a fascinating visual harmony. The bubbly texture stands as the thread that unites them, creating an unprecedented visual synergy. Each piece, while retaining its uniqueness, contributes to the overall picture, creating an entrance that combines aesthetics and functionality in perfect harmony.

Bollicine console table and entrance mirror


Entrance Console

The Bollicine entrance console is a masterpiece of design that combines form and function. Equipped with two spacious shelves, it offers not only a space to organise keys and essentials, but also a perfect surface to express your style. The carved bubble graphics add a unique artistic touch, turning the console into a work of art.

Entrance console

Entrance Mirror

Accompanied by the console, the Bollicine mirror completes the overall look of the entrance. Positioned above the console, it creates a striking visual effect, reflecting light and expanding the space. The sophisticated design with carved bubbles adds an element of charm and originality.

Entrance mirror

Square Base Umbrella Stand

To keep things tidy in style, the collection includes a functionally designed umbrella stand with a square base. This element not only plays a practical role in keeping umbrellas organised, but also helps emphasise the elegance of the entrance area.

Entrance umbrella stand Bollicine

Wall Clock

The Bollicine wall clock is a perfect mix of functionality and aesthetics. With its unique shape and carved bubbles, it becomes an essential decorative element to complete the refined atmosphere of the entrance hall.

Wall Clock Bollicine

Coat rack

Finally, the Bollicine coat rack with 3 knobs offers a practical solution for hanging jackets, coats and accessories. The neat design, combined with the carved bubbles, lends a touch of elegance to this functional element.

Wall-mounted coat rack


The entire Bollicine collection stands out for its colour consistency, offering 8 predefined colour combinations. From restful sage green combined with white, to elegant teal in combination with sand, the choice is vast and suited to every taste.

But the customisation does not stop there. With the possibility of using CalleaDesign's ColorLab scale or choosing from the thousands of options available in RAL or NCS scales, each piece can be perfectly adapted to your personal style.

In conclusion, CalleaDesign's Bollicine collection offers not only a practical solution for the entrance, but also an opportunity to express your personality through design. Make your entrance a functional work of art with Bollicine.

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