The recent Riz modern wall clock model embodies a perfect fusion of elegance and functionality, highlighting a unique design inspired by intricate mechanical gears. Its generous dimensions, with a diameter of 40 cm and a height including the pendulum of 54 cm, give this clock a distinctive presence. Every detail is precisely attended to, making the Riz an eye-catching work of art in any setting, marrying the beauty of design with the practicality of timekeeping.

Ritz modern wall pendulum

A minimalist dial design, with the main time signals positioned at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock, integrates harmoniously with the hands and pendulum, creating a visual and functional balance. The generous surface of the dial emerges as the star, providing a generous space to appreciate the distinctive design details. The broad expression of style is a celebration of form and function, making the watch not only a precise instrument for measuring time but also a fascinating work of art that captures the eye with its simple yet sophisticated beauty.

The selection of colours emerges as a key element in creating a unique sensory experience. The refined combination of brass tones and gold finish brings luminosity to the whole, while emphasising the brass, giving it an aura of preciousness and mystery. The harmonious interplay between these colours not only transforms the visual appearance, but adds a tactile and emotional dimension, enveloping the observer in an atmosphere of sophisticated and timeless elegance.

Ritz modern pendulum clock in brass and gold

A bold juxtaposition of wine red and sand lends a particularly charming appeal, creating a combination of warmth and sophistication. The choice of colour not only results in an appealing visual harmony, but also in a symphony of colours that attracts attention without disturbing the overall balance. This combination of rich and elegant hues adds depth and personality, transforming the simple act of observing into an enveloping and pleasurable visual experience.

Pendolo Ritz color vinacciaThe contemporary Riz wall pendulum goes beyond mere aesthetics by introducing the innovative radio-controlled mechanism as an accessory option. This feature not only guarantees absolute precision but also adds a modern touch to this piece of furniture. In essence, the Riz Wall Pendulum represents a harmonious blend of style, technology and functionality. Its presence is capable of elevating the atmosphere of any room, lending it a touch of sophisticated sophistication, where past and present merge elegantly.

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