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Modern pendulum wall clock

The fascination of wall clocks is certainly linked to the most charismatic version, which is the mechanical one with the pendulum movement. Since the 17th century, this object has sought to harness time by means of the pendulum's oscillation, lending class to the décor and companionship to those who listened to its sounds and chimes.  

The collection of modern pendulum wall clocks by CalleaDesign takes the charm of the antique clock and the pendulum movement revisited in a modern key. Simple, clean lines, modern design, quality in the details and the play of asymmetry are among the characteristics that distinguish the creations.

All the models on offer are designed and made in Italy in CalleaDesign's artisan workshop in Trieste. Their realisation is entrusted to the care of women and men, master craftsmen who with passion and care every day give lustre to made in Italy.

The dials are made of wood and its derivatives, carved, assembled and painted by hand with water-based solvent-free paints. The finish of the varnishes is satin-finished, giving the surfaces an exquisite textured effect.

The pendulum wall clocks are equipped with very quiet German quartz movements that produce no alarms or chimes during operation. The movement of the hands and that of the pendulum are independent. 

When started for the first time, the pendulum must be given a gentle push to start, after which it continues to oscillate independently indefinitely. We have sometimes been asked and confirm that it is also possible to hold the pendulum still for even quieter operation. The mechanism is powered by an AA-type battery, which is included in the product packaging. 

Noisy operation is sometimes due to incorrect installation. The design pendulum, regardless of the regularity of the wall on which it is hung, must be on axis in order to work correctly. For this reason, it can be useful to check the correct installation with a spirit level or the mason's plumb line.

It is possible to take advantage of accessory options that will make the purchase more attractive and unique. One of these is the colour change. You can vary a standard variant by choosing from the tones of our COLORLAB colour card, or by freely opting for a colour from the RAL, RAL DESIGN and NCS colour scales. For special requests, please write to

Additional options include engraving a dedication and gift wrapping. Often purchased together, these two options are of great value if the product is to be donated for an anniversary. The possibility of a small, discreet and elegant laser-engraved dedication on the product's dial is a way to make the gift unique. If you then combine the gift box with an elegant card in which to write a dedication then it will be irresistible.

These products are all handcrafted and take a few days to make. In case of an urgency, you can also opt for the rush processing service to prioritise your order.

How to choose a modern pendulum wall clock

The first criterion for choosing a new pendulum clock is certainly that dictated by the style of the décor. Classic pendulum clocks require more space and may emit chimes and chimes while running, while modern ones are silent and have variable dimensions, as they are not tied to bulky mechanisms inside. 

A second criterion of choice is the possible noisiness of operation related to the environment in which they are to be placed. Some people like the sounds that mark time while others find it a nuisance. It is a matter of taste, but it is a factor to be considered when purchasing.

Another variable is the space one has available and the function this piece of furniture has to fulfil. If we have a very narrow space such as a column, we must look for a very narrow model such as the Rock, which measures only 14 cm wide and 63 cm high. 

The kitchen environment also needs small models in bright colours that can fit in and go well with the kitchen furniture, such as the Philip.

If you want a modern, representative wall clock for your study or hall, go for the Flip. It has a modern, elegant design and generous dimensions.

What is included with the CalleaDesign modern pendulum wall clock?

The pendulum clock is packaged in a sturdy cardboard box with a shaped inner packaging in order to protect the object in the best possible way from possible damage during transport.

Inside the package are the dial, the pendulum, the screw and dowel for installation, the battery, and the certificates certifying its quality, guarantee and origin. To install it, the screw is fixed in the wall, after which the rod is hooked onto the mechanism and the clock is hung securely on the wall.

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