In the business environment where emerging demands attention to detail, CalleaDesign stands out as a leader in the field of customised wall clocks. Our high-quality craftsmanship goes beyond the mere measurement of time, offering prestige clocks tailored to the specific needs of each customer. Here, we are not talking about cheap standard solutions, but authentic handcrafted masterpieces, carefully designed, stitched and crafted to create a strong and unforgettable identity.


The Tailor-made Service for Companies

CalleaDesign's proposals for customised High Quality Corporate Clocks are designed for companies wishing to add elegance and style to their environments. Whether it is the lobby, the CEO's office, the meeting room, or the various corporate offices, our service offers tailor-made solutions that reflect the unique identity of each client.


High Quality Corporate Wall Clocks


The Creation of Artworks to Order

We start with the customer, who provides the company logo, the desired specifications and the constraints of the brand manual and corporate identity. Our experienced team of professionals and in-house creatives work out unique solutions. When accepted by the customer, these proposals take shape, turning into genuine handcrafted interior design masterpieces that add immediate and tangible value to the corporate image.


Answers to Crucial Questions

Often, our customised watches answer strategic questions from companies: What to give to an employer? What to give as a gift to someone opening a company? What is the ideal gift for a company anniversary or to celebrate 50 years of a company? What to give as a gift for a shop opening? Our service offers a very high added-value experience, with a guaranteed 'wow' effect for the recipient.


The Right Service for Everyone

Whether the wall clock is destined for a multinational corporation, a local shop, or a car dealership, CalleaDesign is committed to providing a craftsmanship service characterised by precision, quality, and a firm timeframe. With over 56 years of experience, our artisan company has developed in-house expertise and production capabilities, ensuring a level of service that exceeds expectations in every detail.


Personalised Wall Clocks with Logo


Functionality meets Elegance

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, functionality is at the heart of our proposal. We offer the possibility of complementing our clocks with radio-controlled mechanisms or WiFi connectivity, adding a touch of modernity and versatility to the objects.


Merging Time Zones for Global Companies

For companies with locations in different countries around the world or for travel agencies, we design watches with multiple time zone management. This additional detail makes our watches perfect for global corporate environments, reflecting the complexity and diversity of the modern business world.


Exclusive Office Wall Clocks


CalleaDesign, where Art and Craftsmanship come together

CalleaDesign's customised wall clocks are not just tools for marking time; they are works of art that speak of corporate identity and prestige. Investing in a customised clock means investing in the very image of the company. With our handcrafted elegance, we transform an everyday object into a tangible testimony of style and refinement. Enhance your corporate image with customised watches from CalleaDesign.


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