• Features of our mechanisms

All CalleaDesign wall clocks are fitted with German-made quartz mechanisms, particularly renowned for their accuracy and reliability. They are also suitable for any environment, including the bedroom as they operate in complete noise-free

Most mechanisms are designed for 12-hour dials, so the hands travel two revolutions of the dial per day. Then there are mechanisms with special features, such as those fitted to some time zone watches, which have the characteristic of having a 24-hour dial, so the hour hand only makes one revolution per day.

The mechanisms of the wall clocks are designed for 24-hour dials, so the hands only make one revolution per day.

The mechanisms of pendulum clocks are pure quartz and have no chime. The mechanism of the hands and that of the pendulum are independent. In order to operate the latter for the first time, an initial manual push is required. If a quieter operation is desired, the pendulum can be held still without affecting the movement of the hands.

Watches with generously sized hands have reinforced mechanisms that are adapted to withstand rotations with a greater momentum. They are recognisable by the colour of the adjusting wheel, which is green instead of the black of the standard mechanisms.

All mechanisms work with the hands.

All mechanisms run on a A AA-type stylus battery and their lifespan depends very much on the quality of the battery itself and the size of the hands. Generally speaking, the Varta batteries that are supplied with the watches have a life of 18 months.



  • Materials used

CalileaDesign creations are made ofwood and wood fibre. The latter is a material with a low environmental impact because it is derived from recycled material and processing waste from the wood industry, avoiding the felling of new trees. Wood fibre is particularly suitable because its density and homogeneity allows us to obtain surfaces, supporting the finish, of high quality. The surface is then finished by plating with wood panels or water-based varnishing. 

Watches finished in wood essence are made from a technologically advanced raw material, namely reconstructed wood. This precious material is obtained by complex processing of poplar and lime trees. The trunks of these trees, which always come from controlled origins, are first peeled, then dyed by immersion in non-toxic colours. They are then reassembled into new logs by overlapping the sheets of wood obtained from the dyeing process. All material originates from sustainable and responsible forest management, which includes reforestation programmes and excludes the use of rare or protected species.



  • Painting

Painting with water-based products, at the cutting edge of ecological impact research, guarantees maximum respect for the environment. The quality of the paints used and the meticulous application allow us to achieve surfaces with uniform tones, a flawless finish, soft to the touch and high mechanical and chemical resistance.

We recommend the use of a dry microfibre cloth for cleaning. To remove stubborn stains, use a neutral detergent without wetting the surface too much.

The surface should be cleaned with a neutral detergent.



  • Included accessories

All CalleaDesign wall clocks come with a Duracell Procell AA battery and a plug and screw for wall installation. Some models, which have a more complex installation, include in the package the step-by-step instructions, a cardboard template to facilitate assembly, and a special, very strong double-sided adhesive tape.



  • Packaging

The packaging of the wall clocks has long been designed to be both transport-friendly and extremely attractive. Each creation is accompanied by a certificate of guarantee and documentation certifying its quality and origin. The packaging is particularly cared for so our products lend themselves to gift-giving, especially when combined with accessory options such as gift wrapping and dedication engraving.



  • Gifting

All our creations are designed and made in our workshop in Trieste. Would you like to know more about us? View information about our workshop in the special section in the website menu. You can also follow us on social networks and subscribe to our newsletter.



  • Warranty

In order to avoid any inconvenience, the products are checked before being dispatched. However, the customer benefits from the manufacturer's 24-month warranty. To obtain warranty service, the customer provides the details of the warranty certificate or invoice or delivery slip. The product or mechanism shall be exchanged for an identical product and sent to the customer at Calleadesign's expense, except in the case of discontinuation of the range offered by Calleadesign. In the latter case, Calleadesign shall proceed to refund the price of the product to the customer.


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