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Furnishing accessories are a set of objects that complete the decor of a room by giving details that complement the style of the home. Modern furnishings are increasingly linear and essential, so they require a few quality elements that emphasise the style with functionality.
Among these home accessories the lion's share is certainly the wall clock that is present in every room of the house. Large, modern, designer, wooden, unusual, kitchen, elegant the wall clock marks the fractions of time in our lives.
The versions with digital clocks are simpler and faster to read, but the most charismatic version remains the quartz clock with mechanical hands. Increasingly, this furnishing accessory, especially in larger rooms, fulfils the function of a picture together with that of a clock.
The products of the CalleaDesign workshop are all designed and manufactured entirely in the workshop in Trieste, Italy.
There are models for every room: small for the kitchen, which can replace a painting in the living area, and quiet for the bedroom. If, on the other hand, you want something unique and want to treat yourself to a different shopping experience, then you should try the section of wall clocks created by you.
In this section you can have fun creating your own wall clock that will be unique.
There are accessory options that will make your shopping experience even more special. Colour modifications, engraving a dedication on the clock face, rush delivery or elegant gift wrapping will be special treats if you want to impress with this gift.
If, on the other hand, you are someone who is in a hurry, know that we are also very fast. On the homepage you will find a selection of 'PRIME' products available immediately. Orders placed before 10 a.m. will be shipped the same day via express courier, and delivered the next day.


When choosing a wall clock, we consider several factors such as the room in which it will be placed, the function it will perform and our aesthetic taste.
The type of room in which we need to place a clock influences the choice especially in terms of size. Smaller rooms, such as the kitchen and bathroom, have limited space. Consequently, it may be appropriate to turn to diameters of up to 30 centimetres. These models can normally come in neutral or bright colours that can be well coordinated with the more lively furnishings in bathrooms and kitchens.
The living area on the other hand, being normally larger, needs larger models that can be read from a greater distance. These clocks also need to fill larger walls by acting as a picture. For this reason they have dimensions that are normally between 40 and 60 centimetres but can also reach over a metre in diameter.
A clock with a prestigious aesthetic function is in demand in the office or study, with logos, social colours or several dials with time zones.
There is a separate chapter for the bedroom where the main criterion is silent operation. In these cases, one must rely on the best quartz mechanisms that do not emit annoying noises.


Wall clocks arrive already assembled and ready to be put into operation. Only some models such as the Tree of Life consist of several panels and require the assembly of several elements. In this case, instructions and templates are provided to drill the holes correctly in the wall.
In the case of the normal wall clock, on the other hand, only one fixing point is required. In the package is the dowel and the appropriate screw for that particular model. The dowel is also suitable for plasterboard.
After attaching the dowel and screw, you can proceed to hang the clock. At this point, we recommend taking the clock in your hand and adjusting the time with the little wheel on the back. Never set the time by turning the hands with your hand, especially with the battery inserted.
After adjusting the time, we can insert the battery all the way in and proceed to hang it up.
There are small waves on the back. The screw will rest on one of these small waves. If the wall is crooked, the clock must be aligned and we can move it to the right or left to find its centre of gravity.
Once it is hung, it is advisable not to let go and to check the tightness to be sure that you have hooked it properly.


All CalleaDesign wall clocks have German-made quartz mechanisms, known for their precision and reliability. They are also suitable for any environment, including the bedroom as they operate in complete absence of noise.
Most of the mechanisms are designed for 12-hour dials, so the hands travel two revolutions of the dial per day. Some clock mechanisms have time zones and 24-hour dials, so the hour hand only makes one revolution per day.
The mechanisms of pendulum clocks are also quartz and have no chime. The mechanism of the hands and that of the pendulum are independent. In order to operate the latter for the first time, an initial manual push is required. If quieter operation is desired, the pendulum can be held still without affecting the movement of the hands.
Large wall clocks with oversized hands have reinforced mechanisms that are suitable for withstanding rotations with a greater momentum. They can be recognised by the colour of the adjusting wheel, which is green instead of the black one on standard mechanisms.
All mechanisms run on an AA-type battery and their life depends very much on the quality of the battery itself and the size of the hands. Generally, the Varta batteries that come with the watches have a life of 18 months.
If you want maximum precision, you can opt for the accessory option of a radio-controlled mechanism. This mechanism can be found on the product sheet of many models. You no longer have to adjust the wall clock when there is a change of daylight saving time. This type of clock adjusts itself without doing anything, with the radio signal sent from Frankfurt.


This selection includes all modern wall clocks from CalleaDesign in different shapes and sizes. You can use the filter to search for the price or the desired colour.
If you are looking for unusual or strange modern clocks then you can visit the creative section. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more classic style with large numbers or Roman numerals, the selection with the round shape will probably be the most suitable.
For those who like an efficient and well-organised home, modern square-shaped clocks are the perfect choice. For those who want something unique, there is the custom section.
In this section you can have fun creating your own wall clock from thousands of variations. Guests will be impressed when they see the unique design objects created just for you.


CalleaDesign creations are made of wood and wood fibre. The latter is a material with a low environmental impact because it is derived from recycled material and processing waste from the wood industry, avoiding the felling of new trees. Wood fibre is suitable because its density and homogeneity allows us to obtain surfaces, supporting the finish, of the highest quality. The surface is then finished by plating with wood panels or water-based varnishing.
Wall clocks finished in wood veneer are made from a technologically advanced raw material, namely reconstituted wood. This precious material is obtained by complex processing of poplar and lime trees.
The trunks of these trees, which always come from controlled origins, are first peeled, then dyed by immersion in non-toxic colours. They are then reassembled into new logs by overlapping the sheets of wood obtained from the dyeing process. All material originates from sustainable and responsible forest management, which includes reforestation programmes and excludes the use of rare or protected species.


Varnishing with water-based products, at the forefront of ecological impact research, guarantees maximum respect for the environment. Good quality paints and scrupulous application allow us to have surfaces with uniform shades, impeccable finish, soft to the touch and high mechanical and chemical resistance.
For cleaning, we recommend the use of a dry microfibre cloth. To remove stubborn stains, we recommend using neutral detergent without wetting the surfaces too much.


All CalleaDesign wall clocks come with an AA battery and a wall plug with a screw for wall installation. Some models that have a more complex installation include in the package step-by-step instructions and a cardboard template to make assembly extremely easy and precise.


The packaging of wall clocks has long been designed to be both functional for transport and extremely attractive. Each creation is accompanied by a guarantee certificate certifying quality and origin. Our products are carefully packaged and lend themselves well to gift-giving, especially if you add the options of gift wrapping and dedication engraving.


All our creations are designed and made in our workshop in Trieste. Want to know more about us? View information about our workshop in the appropriate section in the website menu. You can also follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter.


In order to avoid any inconvenience, the products are checked before being shipped. However, the customer benefits from the manufacturer's 24-month warranty. To obtain warranty service, the customer must provide the details of the warranty certificate or invoice or delivery slip.






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