Enriching a small blank wall becomes an exciting opportunity to infuse the surroundings with personality and character. Here is a varied selection of inspirations to achieve this with creativity:

  1. Paintings and photographs: hang one or more works of art, photographs or prints that you like. You can choose a specific theme or a collection of works that inspire you. Use frames that suit your decorating style. Dark frames, such as black or dark brown, often add a touch of elegance and sophistication while light or white frames tend to create a lighter, more airy look. They are ideal for artwork with light or pastel colours and can give the room a fresh feel. 
  2. Shelves: by installing floating shelves on the wall and placing decorative items, books or souvenirs on top of them, you can create a charming yet practical arrangement. This solution not only adds a decorative element to your room, but also provides a useful space for organising and displaying your favourite things, adding a touch of personality to the room.
  3. Mirror: a large mirror occupying the entire wall surface can visually enlarge the space and amplify natural light, creating a brighter and more airy environment. For an extra touch of style, opt for a mirror with a decorative frame that complements the aesthetics of your room. This functional decorative element not only adds depth to the room but also adds a touch of elegance and personality to your interior decoration.
  4. Plant suspension: add a touch of green to your wall by hanging plants in hanging pots or by creating a plant corner with shelves dedicated to your favourite plants. This not only brings vitality and colour to the wall, but also a note of nature and serenity to your interior decoration. Plants are a great choice for creating a more cosy and relaxing ambience in your home.
  5. Wallpaper or stencils: be creatively inspired by using wallpaper or a stencil to bring a pattern to life or create an accentuated wall on a blank surface. This bold choice adds visual interest to the room, turning the wall into a work of art in its own right. Choose a pattern or design that harmonises with your style and creative vision to create a unique and eye-catching ambience.
  6. Art panel: if you have an artistic streak, consider creating your own art panel using acrylic paints or other artistic techniques. This option lends a personal and unique note to your decoration, allowing you to add an artistic dimension to the blank wall. Art made by you can become a focal point of the room, telling your story and your passion for art.
  7. Decorative clock: make time a decorative element with a wall clock with intriguing shapes and design. This piece can serve as both a functional and decorative element, making the most of the available space. If you want to add a splash of colour, consider models such as the Zyra that takes up only 24 cm in width, or the Rock pendulum clock that takes up only 14 cm. These lively options can become focal points in your wall decoration, adding vibrancy and style to the room.
  8. Display shelf: to add a touch of charm and show off your personality, consider installing a small display shelf. Here you can proudly display special items such as collections, ceramics or art objects. This not only adds depth and visual interest to the wall, but also allows you to share with others the beauty and significance of the objects you have collected over time.
  9. Decorative fabrics: a cosy and textural option is to hang a beautiful blanket, rug or decorative fabric on the wall. This touch can infuse the room with warmth and a tactile sensation, creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Decorative fabrics can also add an element of colour and style to the room, making the wall an integral part of your interior decoration.
  10. Combination of elements: often, the magic is in the combination. By mixing and matching several of these ideas, you can create a fascinating and unique visual effect. Experiment and play with different options to customise your blank wall according to your taste and creative vision, turning an initially empty space into a meaningful and fascinating part of your interior decoration.

Always remember to consider your personal style and the context of the room when choosing how to fill an empty wall. Choose objects and decorations that make you feel comfortable and reflect your personality.

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