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The modern wall clocks on this page are a selection of wall clocks by CalleaDesign, an expression of design and artistic craftsmanship made in Italy. Each clock is designed and handmade in our workshop in Trieste with the utmost care and attention to detail in order to provide our customers with maximum value. A production certificate accompanies the product in order to certify its characteristics, provenance and guarantee.

The mechanics are entrusted to the best German mechanisms that guarantee excellent reliability and precision. The movement is powered by an alkaline AA battery, while the hands are made of metal and are painted to match the clock face.

The modern designed wall clocks can be used in any room, bedroom, study rather than in the living room or kitchen, thanks to their quietness.

It is also possible to request customisation, such as a change of colour or a change of size. In cases like this, we advise you to write a request to and you will receive a reply with the feasibility and quote for the requested solution.

In the initial menu you can view the models in the other sections: design, special, kitchen, large, personalised, elegant and wooden.


When choosing the right modern wall clock for you, you should consider the place where you want to place the clock and the decor of the context.

Normally in small rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms you tend to look for models with more limited dimensions within 32 centimetres in diameter, also because the distance from the person who has to read the time to the dial is quite limited. For these models, the focus is on functionality with an immediate and precise reading, simple lines and easy-to-clean dials. Sometimes these models can have very bright colours to match certain furniture or accessories in the room.

Rooms with larger surfaces require larger dimensions that can range from 45 centimetres to metres and more. This is not only for reading purposes but also because the clock is required to have a greater aesthetic function linked to the context. As if it were a painting, especially in modern furnishing, it must be the protagonist of the wall that houses it.


One factor that can determine the success of placing a wall clock in a particular context is colour coordination. For example on an elegant brass-coloured wall, it could be particularly striking to have a clock with the dial in the same RAL colour and the perimeter accessories in linen.

This is possible with CalleaDesign's accessory customisation options or by choosing products from the CUSTOM line. For special requests, please write to

Personalising and thus making the purchased product unique can also be done by elegantly and discreetly engraving a dedication on the dial. Available on all models.

If you want to see all the models, you can visit the wall clocks main page.

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