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The creative wall clock design Kam is designed for those who are looking for accessories to customise according to their style and want to give a personal touch of creativity to the passage of time: from the colour combination to the presence of your name on the back, everything is designed to ensure the uniqueness of your creation.

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The wall clock measures 36x36x3.8, designed and entirely manufactured in the Calleadesign workshop in Trieste, Italy.
Made of mdf (wood fibre). MDF (medium-density fibreboard) is a wood derivative that lends itself to being shaped and painted.
You can create the colour combination that best suits your taste and the context in which you want to place the wall clock. Our workshop in Trieste will create this design object just for you, starting with the shaping, painting of each individual component, assembly and packaging. Considering the fact that, statistically speaking, it is more likely to guess a "cinquina secca" at the Lotto game than for 2 people to choose the exact same colour combination, we thought of putting the customer's name on the back of the clock in order to certify the uniqueness of his choice. The hands of Kam creative design are made of metal and are designed to be elegant and understated since they do not even have the classic screw fastening. Moreover, they are designed to be coplanar to the dial. This is a detail that makes the aesthetics of the dial even more precious and sober. Kam creative design is equipped with a German-made mechanism of the reinforced type to ensure the highest mechanical reliability. The mechanism is noiseless and is powered by an AA type stylus battery. Inside the package is a Varta alkaline battery, as well as the screw and dowel to install the watch. The watch is accompanied by a 2-year warranty certificate.
water-based paint with satin finish
The product is 100% guaranteed. We guarantee all our assistance on mechanisms and their replacement.
Silent, German-made mechanism with 12-hour quartz movement, powered by one AA battery (included)
The hands are made of metal and measure 16 cm for the minutes and 12 cm for the hours.
Wall installation by means of screw and dowel included. The hole for hanging the clock is approximately 125 mm from the top edge
Materials Our handcrafted creations are made of wood and painted MDF, depending on the colour versions considered. Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) is a wood derivative that lends itself to being shaped and painted.
Mechanisms Our wall clocks are equipped with the best German-made mechanisms. Each model is assigned the mechanism according to the characteristics of the dial and the weight of the hands. Operation is powered by an AA battery and is totally silent. All mechanisms are tested in the laboratory during quality control.
Hands We do not use plastic hands but only aluminium hands. The hands are moulded from particularly light aluminium foil to ensure optimum consistency but at the same time perfect calibration for the operation of the mechanism.  
Paints The painting is done by hand using an airbrush. We only use water-based paints through which we achieve a perfect finish while respecting the environment and improving the healthiness of the working environment. Each creation is hand-painted and undergoes at least 5 treatments before undergoing quality control. The finish is satin.
Accessories Included in the package is a high-quality Varta battery for operating the mechanism. Also included are the screw and dowel for secure wall installation. The packaging is functional and elegant: perfect if you are thinking of a gift!
Product uniqueness Every CalleaDesign creation is unique because it is handcrafted by our master craftsmen. Since 1967 we have been designing and creating furnishing accessories, interpreting objects that contribute to making the home special.
Quality All our creations, before leaving the CalleaDesign workshop, undergo stringent quality controls concerning aesthetic finish as well as mechanical reliability. This is why all mechanisms are tested in-house before being installed.
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Design, colours and materials.

There are various ways to customise your product, starting with the colour.
For example, if you have a colour in your room that you also want to reflect on the product, you can choose it directly from a wide range, including RAL colours.

That's not all because we can also make engravings with the text of your choice. For example, if you want to give a gift to someone dear to you, write us the dedication and we will engrave it directly onto the product

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