The new CalleaDesign catalog for 2023 is available from February 3 in paper and digital versions.


The wall clocks and coat racks released at the end of 2022 such as the Zaki and MyHome and the new models released in 2023 have been inserted inside.

Among the latter there are the Due95 and the Baz which, due to their size and vivacity of colours, have been designed to furnish the walls of a modern kitchen and then there are the Scalea and the James which instead aim to furnish spaces with less color and more seriousness wider.

The Zyra and the Tree of Life, on the other hand, make their format one of the main characteristics for being able to fit into an already furnished room. The first has a narrow and tall format that is comfortable for small walls and columns while the second with its 190 cm looks for large walls to fill, such as the portion of the wall above a sofa for example.


The new catalog includes old acquaintances such as modular watches and in particular the Botticelli, Pinturicchio, Giotto, Da Vinci models. Equipped with quality silent mechanisms and metal hands with a new design, these wall clocks have been embellished with new finishes and combinations such as the one with Canaletto walnut. The center and the hour markers have been redesigned to have greater depth and three-dimensionality which distinguishes them together with the quality of the components from the cheaper models.


The catalog also includes configurable models such as the Eloise, the Kam and the Petsy which by definition can include thousands of different solutions. To choose the version to order, we recommend using the configurator on the product page.


The digital version of the catalog is available in PDF or browsable. For sector operators, it is possible to write to to request a paper copy.

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